*Building high quality instruments doesn't leave much spare time for building high quality websites. Please be patient as this site is built, populated and made to accurately reflect the modern look i aim for with my instruments.*

Dawe Luthiery & Resin Works are dedicated to creating some of the finest instruments on the market.

Fusing responsibly sourced exotic timbers with metals, plastics and resin to create pieces of practical art. We use only the finest hardware available and take a 'no compromise' approach to luthiery.

DL use the most modern techniques such as CNC machining and 3D modelling to ensure accuracy across the enormous range of build options and customisation that they offer.

DL Resin Works is a partner business of Dawe Luthiery.

Using a trade secret process we are able to resin stabilise timber that would otherwise be too fragile to use, such as some spalted or burl woods. Using a different process involving multiple colours we are also able to enhance it's natural beauty.

We use these woods as standard in our instrument builds, we also stabilise wood for knife makers, wood workers and other luthiers worldwide.